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Working with the Existing Features

The Migrant Rosebed

The Thickest Slab of Concrete in Cleveland

The Ill-Advised Arbor

Devastation and Ruin

Just a Little Fish Pool

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My name is Wynnie. That's me up there. I live with mom & Murf in a house full of cats in Cleveland, Ohio. The cats don't get to go outside. I get to go outside, because I'm good. Outside there's squirrels, cars, and the biggest water dish in the world. But mostly there's roses.

We only have a little tiny garden in the city, but mom's been planting stuff where grass used to be for about ten years, so as you may imagine it's getting pretty crowded. She pulled out the last of the grass some time in 1997. I was not consulted about this.

Mom loves to go look at other people's gardens - we plan entire vacations around garden visits - and she was thinking other people might like to see ours, too. She's been taking pictures since the day she moved in, so there are lots of before and after pictures, each with its own horror story. She calls these stories "chronicles", and they're pretty embarrassing. Mom says nobody's born knowing how to make a garden. I can tell you for sure she wasn't - we've done nearly everything at least twice! So if you're worried about doing it wrong, our chronicles should make you feel much better.

Let's go for a walk! You can explore on your own if you like, using the links to the left, or you can let me show you around. Just click my picture at the bottom of every page and I'll make sure you don't miss anything.

PS... If you hate our garden, stop by our "rings & things" page before you go. It will take you to some other pages about ponds & old roses & gardens & stuff, so maybe you'll find something you like better.

But if you like our garden, drop us a line; we promise to write back eventually. Mom loves to talk roses. Come visit again when you get a chance, and thanks for stopping by.

summer roses
autumn-blooming crocus
autumn-blooming crocus

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