I am a musician who is a composer, a professional singer, and an amateur naturalist. My use of melody, harmony, rhythm, and texture integrate my diverse performance experiences and my close observation of the natural world.

Melodic lines are a prominent part of all my music. Even when I am not writing for voice, my experience as a singer informs my compositional work. Textures allow for breath, and phrasing suggests words.

I perform medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque vocal music. The flexibility of plainchant, the dance-like rhythms of the 15th century, and the contrapuntal textures of the Renaissance can be found throughout my work. My vocal writing borrows from the 17th century's emphasis on text setting and ornamentation. My harmonic language, however, draws from contemporary quartal and extended tertian harmonies as well as jazz sonorities; my melodic lines draw from my experience of singing in these styles as well.

Elements of medieval, Renaissance, early Baroque, jazz, and contemporary music can be combined in very natural ways. Rhythmic ideas from jazz co-mingle comfortably with dance-like rhythms of the 15th-century. 17th-century declamation fits nicely into melodic lines outlining 11th and 13th chords. Seemingly unmetered melodic lines wind gracefully through rich, complex sonorities.

My deep relationship with the Earth provides both inspiration for my music and specific aspects of my compositional style. The driving rhythms of katydids and crickets, the improvisatory riffs of catbirds, the haunting melody of the wood thrush, and the erratic rhythm of butterfly flight are just a few examples of natural elements in my works. My writing integrates nature's musical aspects with characteristics found in medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and contemporary musical styles.