Soprano and piano

Something Changed Today (texts by Lisa Rainsong)

1. Something Changed Today

2. Why?

3. How Can I Live with You?

4. When You Become My Father and I Become My Mother

5. So Much Changed This Year

At Fifty (texts by Lisa Rainsong)

1. Falling In Love Isn't Fun...

2. I Pretend Not to Notice

3. Heavy, Wet Snow

4. At Twenty

5. Wild, White Asters

The Only Thing that Matters (texts by Lisa Rainsong except as noted)

1. The Only Thing that Matters

2. Elegant Orb-weaving Spider

3. Art is Dormant until it is Shared

4. When the Muses Call

5. The Earth Teaches Us Love (poem by Peggy Hauberg)

6. Love Divided by Time

Queen of Cats (text by Lisa Rainsong)

Soprano and Dilling harp (may be played on pedal harp)

Interviews with Turtles: Poems by Leonard Trawick

1. Self-satisfaction

2. Flying Turtles

3. Snapping Turtle

4. Estivation

Three Poems by Leonard Trawick

1. Still Storm

2. Ashes

3. En Route

You Must Be Perfect (texts by Lisa Rainsong)

1. You Must Be Perfect

2. How Can You Betray Me

3. If You Walk Away

Soprano, flute, and Dilling harp (may be played on pedal harp)

Robins Singing in the Dark (text by Lisa Rainsong)

Soprano and flute

Do Not Sorrow (Iroquois legend of the Robin's return)

Soprano, flute and piccolo

This Grand Show is Eternal (text by John Muir)

Song cycle for soprano and chamber ensemble (flute, oboe, harp, cello, percussion)

Witch Hazel (texts by Lisa Rainsong)

1. Spring Came Late

2. Catbird

3. Katydids

4. Witch Hazel


Tenor and B-flat clarinet

Quicksilver (poem by Jack M. Hennette, Jr.)

Tenor and piano

I think I Should Turn and Live with Animals (poem by Walt Whitman)

Vocal works: Sacred


Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (choir with organ)

Psalm 91: He Who Dwells in the Shelter of the Most High (choir with organ)

Psalm 42: My Soul Thirsteth for God (choir with organ)

Responsorial Psalms for Holy Week (for cantor and choir with congregational responses)

Holy Thursday: Psalm 116:12-13, 15-16bc, 17-18

Good Friday: Psalm 31: 2, 6, 12-14, 15-16, 17, 25

Easter Vigil: Psalm 104: 1-2, 5-6 10, 12, 13-14, 24, 35

I Am The One (a cappella: text by Hildegard von Bingen)

Soprano solo

Drop Down Dew from Heaven

Advent solo for soprano and organ partially based on the Advent plainchant, Rorate Coeli

Choral arrangements for Christmas

Silent Night (a cappella)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (choir, harp and organ)

O Holy Night (soprano soloist, choir, harp, and organ)

Instrumental Works

Flute and Piano

Grand River Terraces

1. West Virginia White

2. Pondful of Predators

3. Headwaters

4. Heart-shaped Leaves

Alto saxophone and piano


1. Pensive

2. Determined

Brass Quintet

Necessary Attitude

1. Necessary Attitude

2. Sonorities

3. Looking Up


Perdix: suite for piano

1. Aster lateriflorus

2. Crocus chrysanthus

3. Geranium sanguineum

4. Mitchella repens


Organ Sonata


Fall Migration (for Dilling harp but may be played on pedal harp)


Available: 45 Acres

1. Available: 45 Acres - Will Build to Suit

2. Garden Sanctuary