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    MIGNARDA is committed to demonstrating that the authentic emotional content of early music is relevant to denizens of the 21st century—putting real people in touch with real music with a gentle nudge to help us all remember our humanity in these times when authentic human contact is a rare, precious and vanishing element.

    As independent artists, we rely solely upon the support of our audience to carry out our work. If you like what you hear, please consider helping us sustain our efforts and expand our outreach with a donation.

Since our founding in 2003, Mignarda has been a labor of love. The investment and sacrifice we’ve made—in terms of time, talent and treasure—has been significant. And that investment has been matched many times over by the steadfast support of our audiences, students, customers, and online fans. Thanks to your support, we’ve built a tremendous amount of momentum in a relatively short period of time. We have been recognized by fans and peers as productive, diligent and hard-working artists who can and do make the most of our resources. We have a track record of producing projects lauded for quality and creativity including sixteen CD releases, research and editorial work resulting in publication of over a dozen music editions, educational outreach to fertile minds young and old, and a very popular blog with a loyal international following and fresh content on a weekly basis.

Through our hard work and artistic focus, we have gained the notice of and received praise from other important innovators of the international early music community, including Anthony Rooley (Consort of Musicke), Jordan Sramek (Rose Ensemble) and Marco Beasley (Accordone), quite an accomplishment for struggling artists funding our endeavors out of our own threadbare pockets. But self-funding has its limits and many of our long-term artistic goals — from recording our next album, to purchasing a desperately needed lute — are financially daunting.

So we’re following historical practice and turning to patrons of the arts for help. If you love what we’re doing, if you love what we’re about, or if you simply love early music…


With your help, we can keep pace with exciting opportunities to reach out to more listeners with music that means something. We can expand our popular educational programs and instill a sense of appreciation for the historical use of music as a means of experiencing calm, contemplative, quiet beauty — a rare and vanishing aesthetic. By contributing to Mignarda, you become more than just a passive listener: you join the ranks of historical patrons who have actively facilitated the creation of something lasting and meaningful. We appreciate whatever support you can lend.