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    Give your students the advantage of coaching from specialists

    Choral directors and voice instructors responsible for coordinating secondary level music programs face the challenge of preparing concert ensembles for all-important competitions with increasingly high stakes and within a very wide range of repertory. University choral directors are responsible for maintaining a reputation for high standards while directing several ensembles and competing with other departments for ever-shrinking budget dollars. If your background and interest is in later repertory, why not bring in the specialists to help your students discover the intricacies and master the challenges of demanding 16th century polyphonic music?

    Award-winning recording artists Mignarda offer inspiring workshops that help prepare choirs or soloists with the skills to understand, interpret and excel at the standard 16th century choral repertory of music from Josquin and Janequin to Weelkes and Wilbye. Vocal soloists receive the benefit of personalized coaching in interpreting solo songs ranging from Dowland to Purcell, or period French and Italian songs. A secure foundation in 16th century polyphony helps choral singers understand the finer points of texture and balance.

Choral Workshops

Mignarda offers coaching for chamber choirs and madrigal ensembles in interpretation & aesthetics of 16th century vocal polyphony: English & Italian madrigals, Latin motets, and French chansons. A rare opportunity for your choir to receive attentive coaching by specialists in the field who are both effective teachers and seasoned ensemble directors. Workshop topics cover text, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, cadences, and ensemble-building. Workshops may be combined with a same-day concert performance.

Solo song workshops/Masterclasses

Mignarda, internationally renowned for evocative, nuanced performances, offers an exciting opportunity for voice students to polish their interpretations of 16th and 17th century songs. Your students will gain valuable insights on interpretation of an important segment of the solo song repertory, with helpful guidance for keyboard or guitar accompanists as well.

Using examples drawn from 16th century sources, vocalists learn phrasing, dynamics, articulations, and ornamentation based on an understanding of rhetorical devices inherent in the text of the song. Masterclasses may be combined with a same-day evening concert.

Lecture/recitals & interdisciplinary seminars

Mignarda also offers a diverse menu of interdisciplinary lecture-recitals. Choose from our list of prepared programs or inquire how we might work with you and your colleagues to design a presentation that complements your curriculum.

A secure foundation in singing 16th century polyphony is fundamental for choral singers, providing them with the necessary skills to master the texture of later works. We can help! Inquire about the benefits and the surprisingly affordable cost of hosting a workshop or masterclass with Mignarda.
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